Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas pictures

Our dear friend, Micah, generously offered her time to come and take our pictures. Our friend Ginny got to come along and observe Micah in action. We had a fun afternoon and little man was such a trooper, to keep smiling despite an outfit change and chapped cheeks!!

We are now selecting pictures for our Christmas card!

Happy holiday season :-)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Second swim lesson and lunch with the girls

Zachary had his second swim lesson this past Tuesday. The water was quite cold and he hadn't had his nap, so it wasn't a "fun" lesson :-)) I am proud of my boy's efforts. He really had a stuff upper lip as his little body shivered in the pool!

We had lunch today with some dear girlfriends. Zachary was the only boy :-) Little Nora is a cutie pie but she is already "promised" to a peach farmer. That's ok though because Zachary has already "promised" himself to little Grace, who is Ellen's baby girl. Does it count if I had a hand in this future arranged marriage?!!

I thank The Lord for every day that I take a breath. Life is so precious.

Have a good week :-)

Fiona xo

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in New York

Zev, Zachary and I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with his family in upstate New York. We introduced Zachary to his entire family and smiled as they played and kissed and loved on our boy. He was so mellow throughout it all! He is such a good boy :-)

Here are some pictures from our week. Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!

FIFi xo

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our week in Texas

We are back from Texas (we've been back 5 days actually!) and are on our way to upstate New York, to spend Thanksgiving with Zev's family. We know that they will love meeting and squeezing our Zachary!

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while. This past week has been emotionally hard for me. Apparently dealing with/ living with cancer is like the grieving process. My time in San Antonio was tainted by my sadness at having cancer. I made the mistake of looking up my diagnosis (Oligoastrocytoma grade 2/3) on the Internet. The stuff I read was discouraging in terms of prognosis.....after many tears and wise counsel from family and friends, I have come to the conclusion that: a) I am not a statistic, b) only God knows the day that He will take me to Heaven, and c) I need to stay off looking up my diagnosis on the Internet.

Here are the highlights from our week in San Antonio. I caught up with Leslie; Zev and I went to historic Gruene Texas and then to Austin Texas; Zachary and I had lunch on the Riverwalk and then we all stayed and visited with our awesome friends TJ and Julia and their sweet babies. A full week indeed. Zachary also turned 7 months while in San Antonio! We also started infant swim classes at the Y.

Zev and I wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving :-)

Monday, November 05, 2012

Zachary's first plane ride and sunny San Antonio!!

We are in sunny San Antonio this week! Zev is here on TDY so Zachary and I thought we would accompany daddy and come down to catch up with some old friends. I love San Antonio (Texas reminds me of Australia). It is warm here (short sleeve weather).

Zachary did great on his first plane ride yesterday! Zev and I were a little nervous and gave him a bottle at take off and landing for the first flight, but he slept most of the way and didn't even need a bottle on the second flight. He even slept well in his pack and play last night. Yes, we have been blessed with a good baby and we give thanks to God everyday for him :-)

The only hiccup was Zev's suitcase being delayed (it was delivered to the base at like 4am) but we are glad that it arrived. Otherwise he would be wearing a t-shirt that said "Time to make the donuts." Zev was looking forward to wearing jeans though :-)

I am excited for this week ahead! Get out and vote if you haven't already! Have a great week.

Fiona xo

Friday, November 02, 2012

Waiting for my miracle

Today's devotional from Stormie Omartian:

"Lord, I wait on You because You are my Lord and I trust that You know the very best time to fulfill Your promises to me. I depend on You at all times, but especially when I feel weak on the face of unanswered prayers and postponed dreams. Give me the faith and patience I need to rest in Your timing. Enable me to be strong and whole in my mind, body, and soul as I wait on You to move on my behalf.

Wait on The Lord, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on The Lord!"