Saturday, November 27, 2004

Thanksgiving in Australia

Don and Carol Jackson were stationed with us on exchange in Australia, and will be there through the middle of next year. Carol is renowned for her cooking and entertaining large numbers of people with even larger amounts of gourmet cooking. Her deserts are outstanding, and being the good Charlestonian she is, Pecan pie just happens to be a specialty.

They also invited Fiona's Dad and Cecilia over and they gave rave reviews. Fi missed it by a few days, but I am sure she will get some leftovers. Also notice how Jet (in the red shirt) managed to make it into all of the pics below? He is a former USAF type living in Leura with his Australian wife, Maggie. Could be a trend.....

Fiona's Dad, Mario, and Cecelia give the good housekeeping seal of approval to everyones efforts with the meal....especially Carol and Don. Posted by Hello

Dave Kelly, Don Jackson, and Rob (Jet) Starrett getting into some kind of trouble in the kitchen. Notice that each one seems to have their fingers in some part of the food.... Posted by Hello

Carol Jackson overseeing the Thanksgiving Down Under Feast she put on for about 20 people  Posted by Hello

Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving Day, 2004

Fiona and I went to Monty and Lebette's house for T-Day, and it was awesome. We brought a few things, but Lebette really out-did herself. There was enough food for an army, but the four of us seemed to make a pretty good dent in it. We finished the night off with many rounds of Scategories, Apple Pie with ice cream, and Pumpkin pie with cool-whip!

After an evening nap, made very easy by the Turkey, Fiona and I left at 1230AM for the Atlanta Airport. Fi is now winging her way back to Oz for Marrio and Gabby's wedding on the 4th. She will be back on 11 December, just in time for Christmas and a visit by most of the Yorks from New York (Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis-in law, and their kids, David, Will, and Emily).

Now if I can just make those leftovers last until Fi gets home....


Monty and I working the Turkey over.

Fiona and Lebette cooking up a storm Posted by Hello

Friday, November 05, 2004

They had marching bands, baton twirlers, elected the Homecoming Queen and King (oh and of course Football players). Lots of fun!! Posted by Hello

Trying to stay warm at the Prattville High School Homecoming Game Posted by Hello