Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Base Commander swearing Zev in during his promotion ceremony to Lieutenant Colonel. Congratulations, Zev!!! Posted by Picasa

Zev's thank you speech... Posted by Picasa

With Zev's boss, Colonel Myers, and his lovely wife, Paige. Posted by Picasa

Pinning on Zev's new rank.... Posted by Picasa

Awwww- Fifi is very proud of her Zev xoxoxoxo Posted by Picasa

Nothing exciting happening around here- just a huge oak tree branch falling in our backyard and flattening our pergola!! Posted by Picasa

Our pergola, which was actually blown away when the remnants of Hurricane Katrina flew past Shreveport this time last year, was WELL AND TRULY flattened by the tree branch falling smack bang on top of it!!! Posted by Picasa