Friday, July 06, 2007

Zev and Fi's Summer 2007 Camping Trip

G'day from Louisiana everyone! Zev and I went camping for the 4th of July, near Toledo Bend Lake. As you can see from the pictures below, we enjoyed some boating, 4-wheeling, fishing and just good ol' downtime in this beautiful part of Louisiana. Toledo Bend Lake actually runs smack bang in the middle of the Texas/ Louisiana border, and is an area renowned for it's fishing-particularly bass and bream. We hope everyone around the world is doing well and enjoying the summer/winter-wherever in the world you may be! Love, Zev and Fi ;-)

Happy Little Camper

Zev trying to get our fire started by rubbing two rocks together- keep trying honey, I'll bring out the matches ;-)

Rest and Relaxation in the wilderness

We camped out in an A-frame cabin in Sabine National Park.

I'm just a country boy...

We had a lot of fun taking the 4-wheeler out
through a national park area that had some
fun (and muddy!) ATV trails...

Born on the Bayou....

Born and Raised yeah yeah yeah!

Watch out for the alligators!!!

Luckily, the alligators were not biting ;-)

Which way is up?

Zev doing a spot of fishing on Toledo Bend Lake (yes, it IS ironic that neither Zev nor Fi eat seafood- doesn't mean we can't still fish, right!?)

Who's your sexy boat driver?

Zev doing a great job at operating the john boat
we borrowed from the Outdoor Recreation
store on base.

The Pelican State

One thing Louisiana is known for (apart from beautiful wetlands and fishing), is it's beautiful birdlife-hence the term the "Pelican State". It was neat to see large birds such as Great Blue Herons and White Herons fly right past our boat.

Camping is FUN!!!

It really was awesome to get away and get
back to nature for a few days. We loved being
out on the water and exploring Toledo Bend Lake which runs between the Texas and Louisiana State borders.

Remember the Alamo!!

Of course, being in San Antonio, you MUST visiti the Alamo! It's located right in the heart of beautiful downtown San Antonio and it was fun to walk the Riverwalk and enjoy a margarita or three ;-)

When at the Alamo.....

Zev keeping up with a tradition that he partakes in every time he visits the Alamo- smoking a cigar in sexy sunglasses...well maybe not the sunglasses bit?!

I'm so pretty, so pretty, just sitting here in the sun....
(those are Fi's sunnies by the way ;-))

Sea World San Antonio

Zev and I had fun riding some of the roller coasters at Sea World and seeing the "Shamu" killer whale show (although our stomachs could only keep up with 3 roller coasters or so!!) It was awesome to also catch up with out dear friends, the Howard family while in San Antonio.