Thursday, January 22, 2015

Zachary helping mummy vacuum

So I was vacuuming the downstairs just now and Zachary got his toy vacuum cleaner and began to "vacuum" after me. So cute :-) Then, once I had vacuumed the living room, he shouted "no mummy! There is a crocodile in the kitchen! I have to save you!" I played along with him and said "oh no Zachary, crocodiles really scare mummy!" Can you please go in there and scare the crocodile for me. He did and came back all proud, saying "mummy I sat on the crocodile's nose, he won't hurt you now!" I'm amazed at a few things: 1) that he knows to sit on a crocodile's nose (he is part Australian after all); 2) that he instinctively wanted to protect him mummy and 3) that he wanted to vacuum with mummy. I'm hoping this desire will continue until he's a teenager :) I love our little boy so much! Almost 3 and completely adorable. It would have been a perfect Hallmark moment if it wasn't for me noticing his pee all down the front of his trousers. Oh well. Life as a toddler mama is full of fun moments!!

The YouTube videos above are of Zachary recently playing soccer in our living room; of Zachary finding and using his flashlight and of Zachary playing well with his Montessori-inspired nuts and bolts (that daddy made!!) :-))

Monday, January 19, 2015

Manly Beach, Noche Buena with mum and Christmas Day with dad

The title pretty much says it all! Dad and Ceci took Zachary and I to Manly beach a few days before Christmas. Zachary loved it and loved the ice cream treat that I bought him afterwards! He is a true little Aussie-American. He loves the ocean almost as much as mummy does! 

We spent Christmas Eve ("Noche Buena") with mum's side of the family. This traditionally involves an evening church service, lots of yummy South American food and then opening up presents at midnight! Every year we have a Santa (Zev was Santa back in 2003, when I was deployed to the Middle East and my family went to the beach for Christmas)!!! Our family is usually VERY LOUD and hey like to clap whenever someone's name is called out. Let's just say that on Christmas Day, the next door neighbour asked Zev "are you Zev"?!

Then on Christmas Day, Mario and Gabby and their kids went with Zachary and I to cousin Carol's house. The kids all jumped in the pool because it was really hot. Dad loved having all his grandkids together! 

Noche Buena at Auntie Charo and Uncle Jorge's:

The rest of our trip Down Under (incl New Years Eve in Sydney!)

So the day after Christmas is known as Boxing Day in Australia. I don't know why we call it Boxing Day but I know that all Aussies like that it's another public holiday and the day when all the stores have their great post Christmas sales :-)

Traditionally in Sydney, Boxing Day is the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. The race starts in Rushcutters Bay. Well, since my older broker Mario is in the Navy, we caught a train into downtown Sydney then walked down to Fleet Base East. We had front row seats to Rushcutters Bay! What a fun day with my big brother ;-) Unforgettable!

We then went to Mosman to Clifton Gardens which was a cute little beach and perfect for families with young kiddos. Our dear old friends Danny and Tracy brought their adorable 3 kiddos to the park to play with Zachary. They all had such a fun time!

Lunch at the iconic Harry's Cafe de Wheels. Aussie meat pie with pea mash on top and some hot sauce! YUM!