Sunday, May 11, 2008

Air Show Weekend

Our base hosted its annual air show this past weekend. As expected, the weather was gorgeous and it was the perfect weekend to witness some amazing air power and feel proud to be part of the military. We (especially Fi) especially enjoyed hosting some of our local friends on base to watch the air show and see what military life is all about. Zev had to work the air show but was still able to appreciate the amazing acts that were on display. Fi thinks his favorite part of the weekend however, was going out (off base!) to a movie and finishing the evening off with ice-cream. Ah, the way to a man's heart!!! Hope all are well. We miss you tons.

Up, up and away!

Blue Angels Commentators providing a detailed explanation of the different (and really, quite incredible!) aerial manouvers we witnessed in the sky.

Go Blue Angels!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

3 Gun tournament!

Pistol. Rifle. Shotgun. And a bunch of ammo. Today Zev and Fi did as Louisianans do on a nice sunny Spring day, and entered a "3-gun" tournament which involved obstacle-course type shooting, using different weapons and different ammo. Fi wasn't sure about the tournament when she first started, but once she saw how things worked and actually jumped in and ran through the courses, she had a ball and enjoyed the challenge of different types of shooting scenarios. It certainly helped her become more proficient in operating the different weapons under different scenarios, and under "stress." Zev was very sweet and patient in showing Fi the correct way to handle the weapons and show her the best way to approach a course. All in all, we had a great day, not only was the weather great but the day was topped off with a traditional "Crawfish Boil"- Louisiana's answer to the "cook-out" where they boil big vats of "crawdaddy's" (also known as "yabbies" for our Australian friends), in tons of cajun spice, and throw in some potatoes and corn. For those of you who know us, Zev and Fi ate the corn and potatoes and left the locals to eat their crawdaddy's ;-)) We can't wait for the next tournament.

Getting set up

We were split into two teams and had to complete 5 different stands in total. The course of fire for each stand was mixed up in that some stands required you to use pistol and rifle, and other stands involved slashing the "bad guy" with your pocket knife and then firing your pistol and then changing to your shotgun. The element of surprise made the courses really interesting- our adrenalin was certainly up! We can't wait for the next match!

This is how you do it!

Watch and learn- Zev had good form and good range safety- he is a great instructor!

Who ever said girls can't shoot?

Although Fi was a little bit nervous being the only girl shooter at the tournament, she soon got her groove on, after going through the first couple of stands, and by the 3rd stand, was knocking down steel targets and making her husband proud! A very fun day indeed! Great experience.....