Friday, April 25, 2014

Radiation: DONE!

My 6 week/ 30 sessions of radiation is: DONE! Yay! Zev and I rang the completion bell together: he's been my biggest cheerleader in this cancer journey and having my mum here to help with EVERYTHING including washing clothes, cleaning the house and bathrooms, playing with Zachary while I nap in the afternoons. 
Zev and I really couldn't have done this without you, mum. We are so very grateful for all your help and love and can't wait until Howard gets here so we can explore some fun sights and sounds! 

So, my wonderful radiation oncologist had all the staff wear grey and link in honor of my last day of radiation today! My darling friend Darla made this awesome grey (in honor of brain cancer) and pink (in honor of my favorite color!) tutu, which I wore today! The radiation therapists and the music therapist and the massage therapist and Zev all wore a pink tutu too (I just love the word "tutu", don't you?!) Such a fun way to celebrate the end of my radiation. I know that I've got a years worth of a different, more "toxic" chemotherapy regime to "look forward to" but for today, I am celebrating being alive; I am telling Zachary how much I love him, telling Zev and my mum and my friends how much I love them and also putting on a different "battle armor set" to prepare me for the longer chemo battle. My prayer is that I will be alive long enough for Zachary to remember his mama fondly and to watch him graduate from college! Statistics are for suckers and I pray that I will beat the odds. 

So, thank you for all your prayers and PLEASE: SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT BRAIN CANCER!! I am in the process of having some tshirts made up, to directly benefit my neurosurgeon, Dr. Q's research lab at Johns Hopkins university. I have personally met his research assistants, who are these young, brilliant, motivated doctors and research scientists who are all keen to FIND the CURE for brain cancer! I do believe that a cure will be found for brain cancer in my lifetime (if I have to keep having awake brain surgeries then so be it!)

So, more on the tshirts to follow! May is "Wear gray in May" in support of brain cancer awareness! 

Enjoy these pics from today and God bless :-)

Zachary is TWO, Zev and I have been married 10 years and mama is almostdone with radiation therapy!!

Our baby boy is 2; Zev and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary a few days later, dadda surprised mama with a fantastic birthday party (complete with a grey and pink sparkly tutu cake!!) and mama is almost DONE with her brain radiation! Woot woot! One more DAY to go to complete the 6 week radiation therapy :-) I will have an MRI soon after I complete my radiation therapy, but the most accurate MRI scan of what my tumor "looks like" (hopefully it's completely annihilated!) will be 2 months after I complete treatment (so around end of June). The reason why I have to have an MRI a week after I complete radiation is for my oncologist to see how my tumor is doing, for chemotherapy purposes. I am due to commence a new chemotherapy regime, expected to last one year, about 2-3 weeks after I complete my radiation therapy. I and my entire family truly appreciate your prayers and we're confident that this combo treatment of intense radiation plus intense chemo will knock this brain cancer to the curb once and for all!

So, sorry for the delay in posting, but please enjoy a recap from these past few weeks :-) Although I have energy in the mornings, after radiation every day at 230pm, I feel quite tired and take a nap: 1 to 2 hours. Also, time really does fly with an active, adorable toddler! 

Our handsome little man.

Zachary not wanting to share mummy's lap with another little girl at Toddler Tales!

On a date with my favorite man under (ahem) 40 :-)) Gosh I look so tired here! Just starting radiation: 2 weeks into it I think!

My 2 Z men :-)

Zachary with little Nora (her mama and I are secretly hoping these two will get married some day :-))

Grandma Judy channeling Katniss from the Hunger Games :-)

Gracias Hans and Gena for my favorite flowers!!

Judy got to come and see one of my radiation sessions!

This cake took waaaaaaay longer than "1hr and 15 mins" to make! But Zachary had an authentic homemade 3D Firetruck cake for his birthday! Fondant from Michaels makes everything better...

They even had the number 2 truck come! It wasn't planned though :-))

Zachary was the last to leave his birthday cake table! Little Ansley from next door loves Zachary and I think he has a crush on her! I heard him say on the monitor just this morning "Ansley! Ansley!" and then "hi girlsssss" Ansley has two younger sisters :-)

Meme inspecting the art show at Zachary's part time day care :-) 

Zachary testing out his new bike from Meme and Howard! He loves it :-) Gracias Meme and Howard!

At the radiation clinic. I love the spring flowers! Daffodils and all the pretty and colorful flowers make me smile :-))))))

Zachary's first height chart measurement! Hold still Zachary :-)

Out on another play date with my favorite little man.

Another fun play date with dear friends.

About 3 weeks into my radiation therapy, I finally had to go get my head shaved by my wonderful stylist, Katie! And here I was thinking that I would lose my hair! Lol

This is what the ribbon that she shaved into the side of my head looks like!

Our wonderful 10 year anniversary off-road Segway tour! So much fun ;-)

On a nice afternoon date in Virginia beach with my twin: Meme! (Zachary picks out the wig I am to wear. The short pixie one is called "Wendy" and the long one is called "Sophia Loren"!!)

Zachary and Ozzie under the cross of Jesus. I love our church and love the friends that Zachary is making in the nursery!

"If you're going to San Francisco..."

Zachary LOVES his new easel/ chalkboard from dad and Ceiclia! Muchas gracias!!!

Happy Easter! The Lord IS RISEN!!!

Zachary showing Mene how to cut fruit (using his cutting fruit and vegetables set courtesy of Auntie Charo and Uncle Jorge and cousin Michelle and Oscar!) Thanks so much guys! Within a few short hours he was able to cut his morning snack on his own board! Amazing :-)

I guess he was feeling rather industrious because he then "helped" me spring clean the windows downstairs.

This afternoon, after I got home from radiation, I took Zachary out to teach him how to ride his balance bike. I think he did pretty good, don't you?

Hopefully you can click on the video link below :-)