Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Second swim lesson and lunch with the girls

Zachary had his second swim lesson this past Tuesday. The water was quite cold and he hadn't had his nap, so it wasn't a "fun" lesson :-)) I am proud of my boy's efforts. He really had a stuff upper lip as his little body shivered in the pool!

We had lunch today with some dear girlfriends. Zachary was the only boy :-) Little Nora is a cutie pie but she is already "promised" to a peach farmer. That's ok though because Zachary has already "promised" himself to little Grace, who is Ellen's baby girl. Does it count if I had a hand in this future arranged marriage?!!

I thank The Lord for every day that I take a breath. Life is so precious.

Have a good week :-)

Fiona xo

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