Saturday, October 14, 2006

Greetings from Louisiana and Iraq!

G'day everyone! Hope that all are happy and healthy in the various parts of the world you may! I hope that you enjoy the latest pictures that I have posted of Zev. He is doing well and working long days but enjoying the experience. As you can see by the pictures below, Zev has had the opportunity to travel to different bases throughout Iraq, and thank you to all who have prayed for his safety, especially when he is on his travels. Life for me (Fi) is going great here in Louisiana. I am very fortunate to have a good support group here who keep me busy with tennis lessons, dinners and other activities, and of course work is keeping me well and truly employed and occupied! Anyway, if anyone needs Zev's email or mailing address just send me an email and let me know. All the best! Fi ;-)

There's my man....hard at work soldering stuff.... Posted by Picasa

Zev at work (or should that be "Men at Work"....I come from the Land Down Under...never mind ;-)) Posted by Picasa

Part of Zev's squadron in formation.... Posted by Picasa

Which truck shall I drive today??? Part of Zev's squadron's inventory.... Posted by Picasa

Zev really likes it when people "prang" his trucks!!! (Not!!!) Posted by Picasa

Zev kicking back with some "near beer" (I told him that the power of persuasion can really work sometimes- if you BELIEVE it's beer, then hey!! it may even TASTE like beer!!- he probably wouldn't get the same effects from it though...) Posted by Picasa

See....I really do work hard!!!! Posted by Picasa

Zev can't live without his daily COFFEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Posted by Picasa

Zev visiting some of his troops located in another part of Iraq....(Zev is the gorgeous guy on the far left with the leg pistol holder!) Posted by Picasa

In the cockpit of a Hercules as Zev traveled around Iraq for the day.... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 07, 2006

G'day everyone! Hope that you are all doing great! Zev has been deployed 5 weeks now...3 months to go...hopefully the rest of the time will fly by until he is home safe and sound...take care everyone!! Fi xo Posted by Picasa

I don't think that Zev went swimming in this lake, but I am sure that it looked appealing, in the hot sun! Posted by Picasa

Zev in front of his squadron's emblem... Posted by Picasa

What Iraq looks like from the sky... Posted by Picasa

Zev onboard a plane, during one of his trips to visit another base in Iraq.  Posted by Picasa

I (Fi) recently got back from a wonderful two week vacation in Australia. It was awesome to back in the land of Oz, visiting family and friends, meeting the new "additions" to the family, and just enjoying the beauty of Sydney and Canberra along the way. And luckily, the weather was perfect and sunny the entire time! I can't wait for Zev to join me back in Oz next time we visit.... Posted by Picasa

Newlyweds, Liz and Ed treated me to a lovely dinner at their house.... Posted by Picasa

With the lovely Lisa and her boyfriend, Jim... Posted by Picasa

Catching up with Louise and Greg and their two adorable kids, Amy and Angus.... Posted by Picasa

It was great to catch up with our dear friends, Danny and Tracy (and their dog, Tom!) Posted by Picasa

Danny, the gourmet chef, cooking the ladies up a storm! Posted by Picasa

It was great to visit Zev and my old stomping ground- the quaint little Blue Mountains town of Glenbrook, and to visit our friends who still live there... Posted by Picasa

Coogee Beach on Australia's Labor Day. Posted by Picasa

One of my favorite things about visiting Australia is flying over Sydney, especially Sydney Harbour. This is a picture of the southern beaches I think, as I was on the wrong side of the plane to see the harbour. It was a beautiful day to fly out of Australia too! Posted by Picasa

Goodbye Sydney! Until next time!!! Posted by Picasa