Sunday, September 19, 2004

Our house and yard were covered with leaves and small branches.

The pine tree that fell across our driveway. Luckily, it missed the house by 3 metres!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Still without power but doing ok!

Hello everyone!

I am writing from a friend's computer because it is 6pm on Saturday 18th Sep and we still do not have power at our house. We have not had power since Hurricane Ivan hit on Thursday morning. Hurricane Ivan was not as bad as expected, well at least in our area, and the only damage suffered was a long pine tree that fell down along the length of our driveway, which the realtor is due to come and chop up one of these days. There are branches and leaves everywhere though so we spent Friday clearing our driveway and yard up and trying to conserve as much of our fridge energy as possible! The most amazing thing is that we have been able to put to use some Australian appliances that accidently got packed as part of our household goods from Australia! The Lord works in mysterious ways, I tell you because Zev dug out the "Tiger" generator that I bought him in the Middle East and was able to do some creative electical work to get it fired up so we could plug in our Australian made lamp and have some light and listen to the radio on our Australian made radio! Today I bought five bags of ice and we stuck that in our fridge, and we are praying to have power by tomorrow. We are so grateful that we were not as badly affected by the hurricane like the people further south in places like Mobile were. Anyway we hope that you are all well too and we thank you for your calls and emails to check to see that we were ok during the hurricane. We will send pictures as soon as our power is back up!

Love The Yorks.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hurricane Ivan

As I write this, Alabama and other regions in the South are gearing up to prepare for Hurricane Ivan, due to impact our area sometime Thursday evening. We feel pretty well set up where we are and can only wait out until the hurricane hits and hope that the damage to our area is not too severe. It is probably best if you try to avoid contacting us over the next few days just to ensure the telephone lines etc are free. We will contact our parents in their respective locations in the event of an urgent situation. I (Fiona) have never experienced a hurricane before but we are taking all the steps necessary to sit this one out and the best thing is that I have Zev home for the next few days! Yay. Take care y'all!

This was taken on our glider ride in beautiful Hawaii! Posted by Hello

Zev in our kitchen! Posted by Hello

This picture was taken just down the road from our house- in downtown "Old Prattville". the suburb where we will. We are standing on a bridge that crosses the Autauga River and behind me is the old cotton gin mill, which is was established by Daniel Pratt, the namesake of our town.  Posted by Hello

Here we are sitting on our back balcony in Sweet Home Alabama, our new home for the next year. Our backyard reminds us a lot of our backyard in beautiful Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains of Sydney Australia. The only difference of course is that there are lots of squirrels in our Alabama backyard as opposed to possums and cockatoos that we used to see in Glenbrook! Posted by Hello