Sunday, October 12, 2008

Moving in week!

G'day and Guten Tag Ya'll!!

Sorry that we have been "out of the loop" communication wise lately- this past week was moving in week for us, and we have been busy receiving our household goods and unpacking boxes- lots and lots of boxes! German houses are typically smaller than houses in the States or Australia, so our stuff fits in our new house, but we have had to be "creative" with the placement of some pieces. Let's just say that we are glad we went with a free standing house as opposed to an apartment! Zev and I went to Ikea yesterday to buy some more storage units for the kitchen and bedrooms and of course lights for all the rooms in the house. We spent last night installing lights in the house- me holding the flashlight for Zev while he did his electrician work and twisted the wires to install sockets and lamps. Pretty safe overall except for the time when Zev asked me to turn on the light and a breaker snapped and scared us both, but luckily no one got electrocuted. It makes us appreciate all the more the niceties of having a house with built in closets and already installed lights. Ikea was a fun experience though- very European in its furniture design, very compact but useful. And for those who have been to the Ikea in Sydney- they even serve hot dogs for 1 euro here, just like to one in Sydney (except I think it's $2.00 there but the same concept). We except to get set up with our telephone and internet connection etc in the next week or so, so please be patient with us as we get set up- we will try to respond to emails as soon as we can. Tomorrow is Columbus Day and therefore a public holiday for Zev. We are probably going to unpack more boxes and set up our house and go for a bike ride to explore our beautiful little village. Being from Australia originally, I am really enjoying the Autumn season here as I am witnessing the leaves change vibrant colors almost daily. I will post pictures as soon as we get our internet set up. Well we look forward to those of you who plan to visit us, and hope that all our family and friends are doing great! Keep in touch, miss you lots!
Schon Tag!
Fi and Zev xoxoxo