Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Side view of our house- the grass is lovely and green but grows super quick!! We hope that all our friends and family across the globe are safe and well!  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's Official! Zev assumed Command as the Commander of the 2nd Logistics Readiness Squadron on July 18 at 1000am. The Change of Command Ceremony was well coordinated and wonderfully delivered, and it was great to meet the people that make up Zev's squadron. It turns out that quite a few people in Zev's squadron have always wanted to visit Australia!!  Posted by Picasa

This picture was taken just before the commencement of the Change of Command Ceremony. Zev and I are pictured standing next to his boss, Col Duffy, and the 2LRS Commander that Zev took over from, Nathan Mooney and his lovely wife, Chevette. Posted by Picasa

Judy, Zev's mum, took this great picture of the sign leading into the Historic district of Barksdale, where Zev and I live. It is such a beautiful area, and Zev and I (Fiona), have been really enjoying going through runs past the historic houses and down the tree lined streets with Live Oaks on either side. Barksdale is a really neat place!! Posted by Picasa

Zev's parents, Dave and Judy came to visit for a few days and be a part of Zev's Change of Command ceremony. We had a fun time exploring Shreveport and sampling some Cajun foods. Posted by Picasa