Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas pictures

Our dear friend, Micah, generously offered her time to come and take our pictures. Our friend Ginny got to come along and observe Micah in action. We had a fun afternoon and little man was such a trooper, to keep smiling despite an outfit change and chapped cheeks!!

We are now selecting pictures for our Christmas card!

Happy holiday season :-)


Anonymous said...

BEST pictures EVER! Gorgeous family and Zachary is delicious!!!!

Lindsey said...

What a beautiful family photo!!! Are you doing Christmas cards for 2012? I got out my cards from last year and I loved seeing yours from 2011!

Sam said...

Micah really captured the Family. They are all great pics but my fav is the three of you.... Excellent!

KBPetty said...

Love all of them! And how funny that you did an outfit change!! And LOVE the aviator hat for Zachary- perfect for Zev!