Thursday, December 18, 2014

Valley Heights Steam Train and Santa

Pops Howard took Meme, auntie Gladys, Zachary and I to beautiful Valley Heights in the Blue Mountains. They have this amazing steam train display that you can explore plus an actual ride in a steam train! So much fun! I think that the best part for the kids was being able to see Santa :-)

Michelle's bridal dress fitting and High Tea at the QVB!

My sweet "baby" cousin Michelle is getting married to the wonderful software engineer, Oscar. Chloe and I have been asked to be part of her 5 bridesmaids and so this past weekend, we went with Shelly's mum, my auntie Charo, to look at stunning wedding dresses. She looked gorgeous in them and I will admit that I may have shed a tear :-)

Then I took their girls out to High Tea at the QVB (Queen Victoria Building). So much fun in a day!

With my sweet cousin Shelly: 

The dress shop wouldn't allow us to take pictures of Shelly in her different dresses :-(
At High Tea :-)
With beautiful Chloe:

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Grug and Vegemite :-)

My sweet Aussie friend, Katherine, sent Zachary the classic Australian children's books called "Grug". I remember growing up with Grug! At breakfast, Zachary tried some Vegemite and liked it! The secret is not to slather it on like peanut butter, but rather put a small amount and gently spread it around.

Mummy-daughter date

Mum and I went on a mummy-daughter date last Thursday where she treated me to a lovely facial and I treated her to a yummy salad and fresh fruit juice lunch! I love you, mum!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Tiger who came to Tea

Ferries, trains and automobiles! What an amazingly superb day in Sydney today! We caught the ferry to Circular Quay and then walked the scenic short walk to the Opera House, where we saw the opening production play of "The Tiger Who Came to Tea". Zachary loved the ferry ride and so did mummy! We then enjoyed lunch at the Opera House and caught the train back to the station, where Howard drove us home. Zachary is still napping! Super fun day. I love Sydney!!!

Anointing in the body and soul

Today, mum and Howard and Zachary an d auntie Gladys and I went to St. Mary Mackillop's Chapel in North Sydney for a lovely anointing service. The priest talked about the verse from the Book of James that talks about the elders of the church anointing the sick with oil and that's just what he did! It was very special and Zachary behaved very well during the service. 

Then, in the evening, mum and Howard and I went to their Bible study where the pastor talked about the anointing of the spirit by The Holy Spirit! I thought that was the perfect end to the day!

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Michelle and Oscar Engagement Party

Michelle and Oscar celebrated their engagement party today at the house of Oscar's sister, Amy and her husband, Steve. It was such a beautiful and warm day and the aunties prepared all the delicious food. Zachary loved playing with Amy and Steve's 1 year old son, Leo.