Friday, June 02, 2006

Our trip on the Buffalo River...... Posted by Picasa

Over Memorial Day long weekend, Zev and I headed up to north-west Arkansas (about a 5.5 hour drive from Shreveport), to canoe and camp along the Buffalo River which runs through the beautiful Ozark Mountains. It was a two day trip, but very relaxing and fun. We finished off the last day in Little Rock with a tour through the new President Clinton Library/ Museum. Zev says that he is still a Republican though ;-) Posted by Picasa

Zev enjoying swimming in the Buffalo. Posted by Picasa

It was pretty hot and sticky, canoeing along the Buffalo River. So at every opportunity we had, we would just jump into the river for a swim and then dry off instantly! Posted by Picasa

We thought we had found the perfect camping spot- until the park ranger informed us that we were camping in an RV camping area!!! Luckily he didn't make us move our tent- we thought it was too good to be true that we had access to showers and bathrooms! Posted by Picasa

Zev cooked up a lovely romantic dinner, complete with some Australian wine! Posted by Picasa

A fine dinner in a fine setting- Zev did well in improvising with our wine "glasses"! Posted by Picasa

We saw some amazing wildlife, including beautiful blue herrons flying within feet of our canoe... Posted by Picasa

All in all, we had a lovely, relaxing time on the Buffalo River over Memorial Day long weekend! Posted by Picasa

El Presidente Zev York!!! Posted by Picasa

A replica of President Clinton's Oval Office at the time he was in office.  Posted by Picasa

Fiona with our local friends, Karen and Lisa, at the Barksdale Air Show (note the acrobatic display in the background). Posted by Picasa