Monday, August 31, 2009

A beautiful French country wedding

This past weekend, Zev and I drove to Arvillers, in the north of France, to attend the wedding of our dear friends, Adele and Romain. It was such a beautiful day and a beautiful, joyous event- perfect setting for a traditional French country wedding. The cheese course is worth a special mention- I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! Zev took the really aritistic looking pictures- isn't he a good picture taker! Felicitations, Adele et Romain xoxo

A good visit Down Under

Although I only spent 8 days in Sydney, it was a wonderful time to catch up with family and friends, especially my sweet grandmother, Lola, and my darling two little nephews who are growing up so fast!! It was a rather sentimental experience flying over Sydney Harbour, and I may have shed a tear or two! The best part about coming home (besides seeing Zev of course!) was the beautiful surprise that Zev had waiting for me at home- a house filled with fresh sunflowers and a new Rosenthal shopping basket (they are trendy here in Germany ;-))). Next time, Zev and I will make it down to Canberra and up to Newcastle to catch up with the friends I missed seeing this time. Until next time, Australia!!

Travel to San Francisco- for work of course!!

August has been a month of travel for Fifi. Zev got to travel to the north of France- Arvillers, for the beautiful country wedding of Adele and Romain- and what a great day that was. I (Fifi) attended an Equal Employment Opportunity New Investigator course in San Francsico- in preparation for my new business from home. San Francisco was an interesting experience- the highlight was an amazing Chicken Noodle soup (I know, it is only soup but this soup was INCREDIBLE), at Chinatown. And of course a Starbucks on every corner. I think my coffee fix was well and truly looked after (and my wallet lighter) after a week of Starbucks. All in all, an excellent course- now I am ready to jump start my business and start investigating cases!!