Saturday, October 23, 2004

Haunted Hay Ride

Last night we traveled with our friends, Monty and Lebette into the country part of South Montgomery. We went on the "Haunted Hay Ride" which was put on the by the Seniors of the local high school, and spent the best $5.00 on a 45 minute, 8 mile hay ride through the forest. It was very well done and pretty spooky in places, especially when horses charged up to the tractor, or when the "hill billies" lifted me off the hay ride and painted on my face. If you have ever seen the movie "Deliverance" you can picture how they were dressed, and they were even playing the banjo song from the film, in the background! They painted my face with black face paint to make me look more like a "hill billy", and the female hill billies tried to hide Zev away in their "barn". Halloween is next Saturday- Zev and I plan to spend it over at Monty and Lebette's house, handing our treats to the local kids that come "trick or treating". It should be a hoot. Hope everyone is doing great! Love Zev and Fi ;-)

Monday, October 18, 2004

Mid-October Update


All continues to go swimmingly..... We don't have any new, exciting pictures to post this week, and since my PC suffered a fatal melt-down, the oldies-but-goodies are not available. At least everything was backed up and the internet company that did the damage is going to buy us a new computer. So....stand by for the next photo.

Fi is doing great at the law firm. She is too modest, but I am sure she is totally impressing her employer! She is also working most nights on Uni as her LAST set of final exams rapidly approaches. By Thanksgiving she will be done with her law degree....she is pretty excited about that.

Mario and Gabby's wedding is fast approaching ( 4 Dec), and Fi will be leaving 27 Nov for 10 days in Sydney. Unfortunately, I will not be able to take off from school, but I will be there in spirit. It is also great hearing from all of the family so often. Estamos muy contentos que Mama Lola le gusta sus revistas.

More good news is that Mom and Dad York will be visiting Alabama for Christmas, with Deven, Lauren, David, Will and Emily close in tow--We are looking forward to it. It will be quite the York Christmas. A few other friends may make a cameo....Mike S, Liz P, and who knows who else over the next few months.

It has alo been great to hear from a lot of old friends over the last month; Brian, Curt, John-Francis, etc. Keep the emails coming.

Signing off for now, all our best,
Fi and Zev

Sunday, October 10, 2004

6 months!

G'day everyone!

We hope that you are all doing great! Tomorrow marks our sixth month Wedding Anniversary and we can't believe that we have been married for only six months because so much has happened between April 11 and now! We feel like we have traveled so much and met so many wonderful people and had so many great experiences, we really have been so blessed this year and are so thankful for all our blessings!

Zev is doing great in school- he is a natural talent and has performed very well in his tests, I am extremely proud of him!! We have also been involved in a lot of activities that we have never done together before, such as skeet shooting on the base range and pistol shooting on a range near our house. I really enjoyed the pistol shooting but have some more practice to do with the skeet shooting. I am not used to shooting at moving targets in the near and it really takes a lot of skill and practice to shoot the clays because they are either moving away or towards you. Luckily I have a wonderful and patient instructor in Zev who is also a very sharp shooter with the clay targets, and we had a lot of fun just being out on the ranges.

I am on the last push of my Law degree, I only have to sit (and hopefully pass!) my final exams which I will sit here in Montgomery in November and then my degree will be completed! I have also started working on a temporary position with a law firm in downtown Montgomery as a paralegal. Although it is a temporary position, I work every day and I am gaining so much from the experience. The law firm that I work for is the largest law firm in Montgomery and is called Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis and Miles. Quite a mouthful of a name and quite a big firm! I am currently working in the product liability section and find the people I work with to be very friendly and down to earth. I am happy that I found a job here.

Well, as always please take care and keep in touch! We love receiving your emails and updates on what you have been up to!

Keep smiling!

Love Fi and Zev ;-)

Monday, October 04, 2004

Our family in beautiful Canandaigua, New York! Posted by Hello

Friday, October 01, 2004

Hello everyone! We hope that all our family and friends and doing well. This picture was taken at the Pottery Loft Cafe in downtown Montgomery, last Saturday night. We brought a bottle of Australian wine and a cheese platter, and sat down to paint some tiles. The tiles will be fired in a kiln and we pick them up in a few weeks. We really loved the courtyard out the back. All the best, Zev and Fi.  Posted by Hello