Monday, November 05, 2012

Zachary's first plane ride and sunny San Antonio!!

We are in sunny San Antonio this week! Zev is here on TDY so Zachary and I thought we would accompany daddy and come down to catch up with some old friends. I love San Antonio (Texas reminds me of Australia). It is warm here (short sleeve weather).

Zachary did great on his first plane ride yesterday! Zev and I were a little nervous and gave him a bottle at take off and landing for the first flight, but he slept most of the way and didn't even need a bottle on the second flight. He even slept well in his pack and play last night. Yes, we have been blessed with a good baby and we give thanks to God everyday for him :-)

The only hiccup was Zev's suitcase being delayed (it was delivered to the base at like 4am) but we are glad that it arrived. Otherwise he would be wearing a t-shirt that said "Time to make the donuts." Zev was looking forward to wearing jeans though :-)

I am excited for this week ahead! Get out and vote if you haven't already! Have a great week.

Fiona xo


Lindsey said...

stop by Shreveport on your way home!!

Mum2twopreciousgifts said...

I had to Google TDY to find out what it meant :) We may live across the road from the back fence of the Enoggera Army Base but you just proved that we don't speak the language of Defence!!

You are looking SO well. Almost glowing. I hope the chemo is not making you feel unwell. It certainly hasn't dinted your photogenic appeal or smile.

Michelle from Brisbane

Gena said...

The YORKS'S are out and about and enjoying life to it's fullest!!! You look wonderful FiFi and your boys are ever so handsome :>)) Have a terrific time in Texas and give Z&Z kisses from me. I love and miss you missy!!!! xoxoxo