Saturday, November 26, 2005

Our friends, Scott and Taylor from Montgomery, Alabama, were in town visiting family for Thanksgiving weekend, and were able to drop by and visit us last night. It was great to catch up!  Posted by Picasa

Happy Thanksgiving! We spent Thanksgiving at home, where Zev had prepared a wonderful spread, including home-made pumpkin pie and raspberry cheesecake.  Posted by Picasa

We finally found a car to replace the totalled SAAB. The PT Cruiser is stylish but not as "gutsy" as the SAAB!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Happy Halloween!!!! Zev is really happy to be wearing his Shrek costume. Doesn't he look cute though Posted by Picasa

How do you like me now!!?? Posted by Picasa

Look at me!!! I'm Shrek! The good looking version!!! Posted by Picasa

Trick or Treat!! Posted by Picasa

And I enjoyed being his Princess Fiona... Posted by Picasa

He looked pretty cute as Shrek! Posted by Picasa

I think Zev had the most fun of all.... Posted by Picasa

Zev bought a smoke machine especially for the occasion, and we had fun flicking the porch light switch on and off, and saying "ooooo" as the kids came up the porch steps to trick or treat..... Posted by Picasa

Halloween 2005 was a fun event, and even though it was rainy and stormy that night, we had quite a few kids from the base come and empty out our basket of goodies. Posted by Picasa