Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in New York

Zev, Zachary and I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with his family in upstate New York. We introduced Zachary to his entire family and smiled as they played and kissed and loved on our boy. He was so mellow throughout it all! He is such a good boy :-)

Here are some pictures from our week. Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!

FIFi xo


Sam said...

Zev,Fi and Zachary, Precious pics of the family, makes me homesick. I hope you cought a big one (below) you both look natural with the hunting gearrrrrr. Be safe and take care. Thinking of you,

Gena said...

There's Grandma,I feel like I know that lovely Italian lady. So glad that you had a great time with the Yorks. Zachary sure looks like he is having a blast with his family. Hope you have/had a safe trip home. Love and miss you!!! XOXO