Saturday, October 15, 2005

We hiked through some beautiful gardens; went on a "duck tour" which is an amphibious WWII truck tour through that drives through downtown Historic Hot Springs and then goes into the water at Lake Hamilton.  Posted by Picasa

Zev and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend away in Hot Springs, Arkansas (birthplace and boyhood town of President Bill Clinton as the town folk liked to constantly remind us). The weather was perfect, and we enjoyed a hot springs bath, hot towel wrap and massage at the Arlington Hotel. Guys and Gals were separated into separate bath houses. Zev wanted to get a facial too but he might have to wait until the next time we visit Hot Springs. He did say that he enjoyed his massage by "Jimmie" with the big hands though..... ;-) Posted by Picasa

But thankfully, our insurance company was able to find a nice, small, fuel efficient, 4 door DODGE RAM 1500 for me to drive around for the next month. It doesn't even fit in my parking spot at work! Zev's little Ford truck almost fits in the back! Posted by Picasa

IT WAS NOT MY FAULT!! Yes, a big old truck pulled out and hit the front left corner of my little Aussie SAAB as I was waiting to make a turn... Posted by Picasa