Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Update on life, love Fiona :-)

Dearest sweet blog readers and family and friends,

First of all, I apologize for not updating this blog sooner. Secondly, please know that thanks to God, I am doing well. I still have brain MRIs every 3 months and visit my new neurooncologist at UCLA every 3 months. So far, the brain tumor is stable, meaning that it hasn't grown. It hasn't gotten smaller, which of course is our constant prayer. Zev and I are very grateful that it hasn't grown and give thanks to the Lord for his blessings and for keeping me alive longer! We believe that I will be around as long as God wills it; prayerfully for several years :-)

So much to catch up on! The reason why I haven't updated the blog is because in all honesty, the blog represented a sad and yet beautiful time in my life. I guess I didn't want to "touch" that reality, but I've received several comments from people who are worried about me, and so in all fairness and love for the sweet friends who want to know how I'm doing, I've decided to update you! And perhaps now I'll be more of a regular blog contributor for those of you that don't have Facebook 😉

Zev's job moved us to the desert! He loves his job, but it took Zachary and I a few months to truly get used to life here. We were sad to leave our wonderful friends and great church home in Virginia, but are grateful for our new friends here and our new church home. Zachary had gotten adjusted to his new preschool and I have made several new friends and am glad to be involved in a new women's Bible study! So life is going well. We also traded in our ATV for a new UTV (think ATV with a roof!) and have been exploring lots of different areas here in the desert. That's been fun! So life is going well. I even "forget" a lot of days that I still have a brain tumor and I believe that the Lord will allow me to live many years on his earth. I pray for His will to be done though, which although I honestly found that hard to pray (because I want to be around for Zachary and Zev and my entire family and friends), I trust that God has a plan for my life and future. 

Zev and I wish all of you a very merry Christmas. We can hardly believe that Christmas is just around the corner! Thank you for caring about me and for praying. Prayers are always needed and appreciated. Please pray that my brain tumor not grow and that I won't have to undergo a 4th brain surgery. Thanks in advance. I love you and thank God for you! 


Fiona ❤️