Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We did it!

After months of training and preparation, Kristi and Fi achieved their goal of running the Mardi Gras Half Marathon through downtown New Orleans. The race took them through the French Quarter, Garden District and other historic places, and they had an awesome race. They were blessed with great weather and especially by having their husbands to support them along the way! It looks like a full marathon may be the next goal on their agenda!

From all walks of life...

People from all walks of life entered the race- as you can see by this man who ran in his zebra print speedos.....chafing, anyone!?

Did I really sign up for this!!??

13.1 miles/ 21.1 kilometers, BABY!!

Our cheerleaders....

And we're off!

It was pretty amazing to start and finish the race at the New Orleans Superdome, considering the history of that place during Hurricane Katrina. We saw quite a few buildings with the windows still blown out, and ran past some houses that are still uninhabitable and with FEMA trailers out the front. The Mardi Gras Marathon committee raised over $30,000.00 towards local rebuilding efforts last year, so in light of the fact that they had an extra 1000 runners this year, hopefully they will be able to contribute more money towards rebuilding New Orleans.

The best part

The best part about the half-marathon, for Fi, was having Zev there to support and watch her. Zev, Mike and the kids positioned themselves at different points during the marathon to cheer us girls on and be true supportive husbands.

The finish line!!

Kristi and Fi were so proud to have finished the half-marathon in under two and a half hours- their personal best.

Esplanade Ave, New Orleans

Can you see the backs of Kristi and I, running up Esplanade Ave? This was actually probably the most scenic part of the race and we ran past some beautiful historic homes. It kind of made us forget that we were running....well maybe not entirely!!
Gatorade never tasted so good.....

Thursday, February 22, 2007

We're BACK!!!

Yes, we are "back" from so many things. Praise God Zev is home safe and sound from Iraq; we are both back in Louisiana after a fabulous two weeks visiting family and friends in Australia and a little hop in Fiji, we are back at work (well Fi starts her new job next Thursday!! More on that later!!) and we are back "blogging" and trying to keep up with our website and keep in touch with you all! We hope that everyone is safe and well. It was awesome to catch up with those of you we were fortunate to catch up with in Australia- to those that we were unable to tee a catch up with, we will be sure to see you when we visit Oz next time.

Life is going well in the York Household. It is so good to have Zev home again, and great to taste his home cooking again!! Zev is back at work and is very grateful that his squadron was well looked after in the good hands of Mike, while he was deployed in Iraq. Mike and his lovely wife Kristi looked after Fi too while Zev was deployed and in fact, Kristi and Fi will be running the New Orleans half-marathon this weekend, which they have been diligently training for. Next week is also a big week for Fi as she starts her new job as a Public Defender for the Caddo Parish Public Defenders Office! Looking forward to a lot of courtroom time!

Anyway, feel free to comment on our site or drop us an email. Keep smiling and keep in touch!

Zev and Fi ;-)
The squadron that Zev commanded in Iraq, including the five detachments located across Iraq that were a part of this squadron....

Trying to stay warm with darling Leslie while watching last week's Mardi Gras parade through Shreveport....

The "New Year" float.
We were right...here.....

Our wheels during our time in Oz- a true Aussie icon: Subaru Brumby. Thanks, Cousin Chloe!!

Mmmm...is that a rack of yummy Australian lamb before my eyes!!??

The boys cooking up a storm....

Viewing the sights of Canberra from Telstra Tower

It was great to visit our dear friends, Danny and Tracy (and Tom, their lab!) in Canberra!

At Bondi Beach...
Watching life and the Sydney Ferries go by from the coffee shop at the Opera House.

Self-portrait! With Meme and Gabby on a lovely, sunny Sydney day.

On Sydney Harbour

Zev and the girls!

Hello, Sydney!!!

"Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away"......on our way from Fiji to Australia!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bula from Fiji!! Zev and I enjoyed our two day stop over in Fiji en route to Australia- it was the perfect "pre-holiday" before the real holiday!

That's where "Castaway" starring Tom Hanks was filmed...

One of the highlights of our time in Fiji was a day trip to tiny South Sea Island, where we snorkelled, swam and just enjoyed Island Time!!

Swaying gently in a hammock on an island in the middle of the South Pacific- I could get used to this!!!
A little souvenir to take home...

Zev's entire squadron in formation.

Zev briefing his squadron in Iraq- 332 Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron.