Thursday, March 19, 2015

Zachary cuteness; yellow is the new color; first daffodil of the season and cooking with Grandma Judy!!

Ha. Don't you love my long "capture all" titles? That's our life right now, with a PRESCHOOLER! Zachary is about to turn 3, which I think officially means he goes from toddler to preschooler! Yikes! Where does time FLY? I ask Zachary (jokingly of course) if he could stop growing and remain a toddler for ever and without thinking he says "no mama." 

So the other day this week (we've done so many things and it's been so nice out that I forget which day!), I asked Zachary to go wash his hands, while I unpacked the groceries. It must have been Monday, because I went to the Commissary on Monday (all the treatment to the brain means my short term memory is SHOT!). So he is in there for 5 minutes. He doesn't say anything and doesn't respond to his name (my clue that he's up to something or doing a #2 :-)). When I go in to check (I was only gone for 5 minutes!), he has somehow created this massive pool of bubbles!! Haha. I laughed and said "ok Zachary, obviously there's somehow wrong with the downstairs sink. We'll ask Daddy to fix it when he comes home." Boys!!

Grandma Judy and NoNo Dave took Zachary to the zoo yesterday! Such fun! I ran errands which included picking up his cute "Wild Kratts" birthday T-shirt and he Wild Kratts vests that I had made for his party! More on that later :-)) And yes, he seems to be moving on from his fireman obsession :-((

Grandma Judy and I made Martha Stewart's DELICIOUS (and healthy!) and Kale and Pasta (we snuck some whole wheat pasta in there!) casserole last night. She helped me because we made a double portion. I am bringing one of the asserted over to a sweet friend who just had her 3rd baby! I even printed out the recipe for her to make it again. 

I love that Zachary is interested in the Resurrection Eggs that I bought (on a really good sale) at Lifeway! I tell him the very abbreviated and appropriate for an almost 3 to version. But he does understand the basics: that Jesus suffered a cruel death on the cross; that he was betrayed by Judas; that the "bad" or "mean" soldiers crucified him, but that 3 days later, Jesus ROSE from the grave and lives forever in our hearts! Amen to that! Zachary points to his heart and says "Jesus lives right here, mama" and that melts my heart! He also says that God is a cowboy at dinner prayer time, and Zev an I correct him (after stifling our own giggles). 

Enjoy the pics :-)
A sneak preview of the Wild Kratts vests!
The first daffodil of the season! I think after pink and Gray, YELLOW is my favorite color. It's a HAPPY color, don't you think? I LOVE these daffodils!
Real Simple magazine says that yellow is the new color!
Cooking with grandma ;-)

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Lindsey said...

1. You look fabulous!
2. My boys love Wild Kratts!
3. Z is so big!! And looks like he is busy!