Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fun night in DC!

On Friday, Zev and I traveled to the retirement of a good mutual friend, Carmen, in Northern Virginia. Since we were so close, we stayed Friday night in Washington D.C! Dave and Judy were so kind to watch Zachary on Friday night, so Zev and I could enjoy a date night and a little time away from our beautiful boy. We sure did miss him though!!

So Friday, we rested in the hotel room (Zev has been working really hard lately). I went for a walk and drank some tea in NoMa, the area where we stayed. On Friday evening, we took the Metro to Chinatown and are some Vietnamese food and then went to watch a movie! 

Then, on Saturday, we had a lazy morning getting up late. We drove to the Smithsonian museums and enjoyed walking around, enjoying the sun and people watching and popping into some museums.

We visited the Natural History Museum, which was beautiful and I was able to experience the Live Butterfly exhibit! It was so peaceful and beautiful to see these beautiful butterflies fly around; one even landed on my head! 

Here is a video of it!

Then, we visited the beautiful Freer Museum of Art. There were so many fun museums to visit. I chose Freer, because of the beauty of the building and the focus on Asian art. Mr. Charles Freer had an interesting story as to how he came about to purchase his art collection. I just felt connected in a way to his story that encompassed a hardworking early life and then traveling to the locations of where he bought the art. How cool is that: to travel to the foreign locations "back in the day" to purchase beautiful art and sculptures?!
Zev and I in Chinatown for tea!
I love all of DC's gorgeous buildings! This is the Museum of African Art:
Museum of Natural History! The Live Butterflies exhibit was exquisite! Loved seeing the "set" of the movie "Night at the Museum" :-))
So excited! 


Ime said...

Nice! So wonderful to see you Fiona. You came to mind today and I am wondering how you are.

Denise Quezada said...

Where are you?! Hope you're ok

Keith said...

Sending prayers your way from TX - keep up the fight.

The Lyszkowski Family

Alicia said...

I hope you are doing well! Miss reading your blog post! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hoping you are ok and that you'll update us soon.

Denise Quezada said...

Fiona, praying you are ok, x

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have an update on Fiona and if she is ok or not?