Monday, March 16, 2015

Student of the Day; Indoor Skydiving and a Good MRI update

Hi! So Zachary was "Student of the Day" at his preschool this past Friday! I thought he wanted to go as a Fire Chief (due to his interest/ slight obsession with all things fire related), but he's waning off his interest in fire fighting and is now into all things Wild Kratts! Ha! Boys...

So, he dressed up in his Tigger costume and I was his little "helper" as he talked to his little classmates about animals and then I read the class the cute Australian book "There's a Hippopotamus on our roof eating cake." Grandma Judy was able to visit with us and we all had so much fun :-)

Then on Sunday, Zev took me to fulfil his Christmas present to me: indoor skydiving it was so much fun! Different to real skydiving (not as much "wind") but lots of fun nonetheless! Thank you, baby cakes :-)

Zachary is getting cuter and cuter each day! Yesterday, he went for a walk with NoNo Dave and Grandma Judy. He picked up a flower and couldn't wait to come home and give it to me. Adorable. It was a cute little dandelion cut a little short. He said it was "the first dandelion." I told him that I would keep it forever :-) Oh how we LOVE that boy!

Today was a nice day, weather wise! We think it made it into the 70s Fahrenheit today! This past winter was a long and brutal one! It was so nice to sit in the sun a spell and talk to all our neighbors walking by and enjoying the sun! 

Oh, last Monday we met with my neuro-oncologist and he had good news to report! The MRI from the evening before showed a stable tumor! Yay! He was happy and therefore we were happy. It would have been great if he had of said that there was no tumor at all....but we TRUST in GOD'S PERFECT TIMING! I believe that God will heal me in His perfect timing :-) We just feel so SOOOOOO THANKFUL! God is good. All the time.

Enjoy the pics!

Zachary sure does LOVE him some cute redheads! It seems like there are red heads everywhere! Or maybe it's just that Zachary points out "pretty girls" and they all happen to be red heads :-))
Washing up for snack time. As Student of the Day, Zachary got to go first. He also got extra Hallah bread during Shabbat! I love that Ms. Karen sang the Shabbat song in Hebrew!
Zachary watching Ms. Karen pray the Shabbat prayers.
Zachary and most of the kiddos had second helpings of Hallah bread (which Zachary pronounces "hollow bread"!)
Indoor Skydiving was fun!
Feeling nervous but super excited! I was first up! 
Today was a beautiful and sunny day! I went for a nice (slow) run outside! I love sunny weather. I get excited seeing my favorite flowers about the bloom in the same places that have bloomed outside for the past few years! The yellow daffodil is (among) my favorite flowers (I also really like the pink stargazer lily) but the daffodil is pretty to me, because it is among the first flowers of spring, the first flower to truly break ground after a long and cold and bitter winter. And who doesn't smile when they see yellow anyway! Speaking of which, I think yellow is the NEW color of the season?
Ha, I just realized that I've been wearing yellow a lot lately! It's a happy color! And why not spread some JOY?!!
Hasta la proxima! (Ha: I'm even wearing yellow earrings in this pic!)

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