Friday, February 20, 2015

Snow WEEK!!!!

We have had A LOT OF SNOW this past week! The most snow that I've seen in this area!

Zachary and I did a lot of fun snow activities (thanks Pinterest!):

- tracking animal tracks in the snow (we tracked some squirrel tracks behind our home and the neighbors homes and then I taught Zachary that the scientific word for "theory" was hypothesis! His hypothesis as to who "took" the squirrel (the squirrels footprints were replaced by some much larger paw prints) and his hypothesis was that it was either an elephant or a tiger :-))
- snow angels
- snow fort with Daddy
- ice painting (Zachary liked playing win the melted water instead :-))
- making eggs on toast for brekkie
- more hiking and animal track tracking! 

Zev had most of the week off and only went back to work yesterday. We really had a lot of fun having daddy home!!

Here is a video link to Zachary jumping in the snow (in slow motion! Zev filmed it!)

Enjoy these fun pics!

Um, we are NOT in Australia anymore, mama!

Going animal track trekking!

Zachary showing his favorite beanies (and poses!) What a ham!!

Work it!

Hehe. I'm a silly boy, aren't I?!!

What a gorgeous sunrise!

Second nature hike:

The sky was so crisp and beautiful!

Zachary posing next to a fire hydrant from Elmira, NY!

Check out this lake in our neighbourhood! 

We then did some ice painting in the afternoon.

It kept him busy for an hour while I made a Martha Stewart chicken and kale and pasta casserole. Zev loves this casserole. I do too! Zachary, not so much! 

As you can see above, the BEST part of Zachary being almost 3 (yikes! Where did my baby go?!!) is that he loves: washing up; vacuuming after me; the library and having me read to him, and hanging out with mum and dad! And we love all that too! And yes, I am PRAYING and HOPING that he will still love all these things when he is 15!!!!!!!!!!

I had a doctors appointment on base today. I disinfected Zachary's hands like a million times, but tonight, at dinner, he started telling me that he was feeling really cold (very unusual for Zachary to feel very cold) and that his belly hurt. I tried to help him and then felt his head. He had a temperature so I gave him some baby Tylenol. He was asleep super early: at 636pm! Poor baby. I've been checking on him every half hour.

Zev should be home soon. He usually gets home earlier but tonight had an awards banquet to attend.

Hope you enjoyed our week!

Love, Fiona :)

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Gena said...

Looks like you and your Z-men had a busy and fun week of playing and being together. Not so good that Zachary was feeling poorly but I'm sure he bunched right back. Great pics of three of my very favorite faces :>)) XOXO