Monday, February 23, 2015

Sick Zachary and a baby shower!!

Our poor little boy, Zachary, has been sick the past few days :-(( We think it may be a cold, but I will take him to his Pediatrician on base, just to make sure it's not the flu :-)

I went to a baby shower for two of my friends yesterday! Here I am standing with my best friend, Ginny. Isn't that cake gorgeous? It was delicious too!!

Have a good week!

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Gena said...

Poor baby boy!! Sure hope he's feeling better real soon. Give him big hugs and kisses from Tia Gena and Tio Hans. You looks gorgeous as always. Sorry that I didn't get to meet Ginny when I was visiting you. I feel like I know her through all of your posts. Love and miss you Sweet Girl.xoxo