Friday, August 15, 2014

End of summer (almost :-))

Hi guys :-)

I can't believe that the last post was in June! This summer has flown by. I'm sorry for not posting earlier: it's been a mixture of being FATIGUED (cancer fatigue is real and seemingly unending) and also being caught up in spending fun time with Zev and Zachary. Boy has Zachary grown! He is such a little man, full of funny little sentences and developing a really cute personality. He likes to shake hands with everyone he meets and has learnt how to climb out I his crib! Yikes! Daddy and son will work on the toddler bed this weekend.

We've had some fun guests these past few weeks: Hans and Gena came all the way from Miami for a week and I spent some great time with Gena. We also went to upstate NY to visit Zev's family. I think Zachary really enjoyed all the attention, especially since he is pretty much the baby in the family! He really enjoyed feeding Grandma Judy's chickens and 4-wheeling with dadda in the woods behind the house where he grew up. 

Enjoy the pics :-)


gena said...

Hans and I miss the three of you so much!!! We had such a wonderful visit and can't wait for our next, maybe in Florida or Germany or Australia for our next visit!! So many possibilities. Love you to bits!!1 xoxox

Lindsey said...

Zachary is sooooo big and so handsome!

You look amazing...not fatigued at all!