Monday, June 23, 2014

Our little paleontologist :-)

Today, Zachary and I went I the Virginia Living Museum, to explore their new Dino's Live exhibit. Zachary brought his magnifying glass (so cute) and we met up with some new friends, Julie, Syd and Patrick. Zachary's favorite part was the dinosaur bones discovery sand box. He absolutely loved it so I'm thinking I might create one at home for him!

We had a fun day! I love this boy!
He then rode his balance bike while I grilled outside, as we waited for daddy to come home!
I love summer! Hope y'all are well :-))


Ruth Moore said...

Yay! Start that boy early on baseball The American Sport! I loved watching live baseball(the Washington Senators) as a kid and I love it still on TV. We watch the Altanta Braves (Charles' favorite team) and I also like the Red Sox. Baseball, hot dogs, cheering and the crack of the bat on the ball - summer at its best!

Leslie said...

Such a sweet family!

Gena said...

Great shot of Zachary at the Dino museum. What a sweetheart. You sure do keep that boy busy!! Can you say "I need a nap?" LOL Love you girl xoxox

Lindsey said...

Z is so big!! You look beautiful!!