Saturday, August 16, 2014

Airport Cafe

Today my two Z men took me out for a date at a local airport cafe. The airport is this small, regional airport, featuring a lot of cool, small aircraft and an awesome restaurant! Zachary had fun explaining that planes "taxi" on the taxiway and that planes take off and land on the runway. His vocabulary astounds me every day! He and dadda put his toddler bed (his "big boy" bed) together this afternoon. I have him a bath and Zev is reading him a book right now. I'm praying that he'll stay in his bed all night! 
* Update to Zachary's first night in his toddler bed: didn't go so good at first. He kept getting out and running out, but just like Supernanny recommends, I silently kept putting him back into his bed. And then daddy took over. He's sleeping right now which is awesome! Hopefully tomorrow night will be easier :-)

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gena said...

I hope by now Zachary is accustomed to his big boy bed. All in due time Sweet Girl. xoxox