Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday afternoon baseball game with friends

Today we went with our dear friends (who also attend our church!) to a local baseball game. We enjoyed some Snow Cones and Zachary loved hearing daddy explain the rules of baseball, while offering up his own helpful phrases, such as "good catch!" or "nice throw!" Pretty cute. We all brought our little ones, so Zachary had his little buddies to play with. The highlight of the day was Zachary "catching" one wayward baseball that landed (and thankfully didn't hit!) Zachary. He kept saying "he lost the ball" and "I got it" which pretty much summed up that experience! All in all a fun time. Little man is passed out on the couch (he won't even wake up for pizza!) I think we may all have an early night in tonight :-)

God bless everyone!

Fiona xo

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Gena said...

OMG these smiles are priceless!!! xoxox