Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Our now 19 month old boy has been delighting us with what I call "Zachary-isms."  Here are some of the highlights!

- he calls his buddy Brady "baby"
- he loves slides and climbing (on everything!)
- he loves peanut butter on his waffles
- he woke up the other morning saying "toe, toe." His big toe was sticking out through his pajamas and he thought that was funny :-)
- his vocabulary has exploded! Besides mama and dadda, we have basic words and 2-3 word sentences: airplane, no, yes, shoes, socks, hair, chest, elbow, wrist, toes, fingers, up, down, slide, baby,   bye bye, hi, hey girls (for girls next door :-)) mailman, fire truck, No-No phone (call Zev's dad), Meme Straya (my mum in Australia), Sleep sheep, Kiki, Nena Train, purple (every colour was purple this morning :-)) car, train, horse, neigh neigh, phone, book, vroom vroom (for motorbikes), hot (for coffee), banana, waffle....the list goes on!  He likes to copy, which is a good thing most of the time :)

We love you, Zachary xo

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