Sunday, November 10, 2013

Halloween; dress up time; first dental visit; and Mummy and Me swim lessons

The title and the pictures tell it all! Enjoy and happy fall y'all :-)

Ps: Zachary DID NOT want to be a lion for Halloween. Thankfully mama had already bought him a cow costume just in case. I think he and dadda looked great as my (milk maid) little cows. We practiced the "moo" sound for a whole month leading to October 31st!!


Sam said...

Udderly moving! Love all the pics and think of you all lots. Prayers are always with you all.

Victoria Williams said...

How cute! I see last November had been eventful for the little boys. Did they wear those costumes in their first dental visit? They might get away with a free checkup for that. Haha! Take care! – Vicatoria @ Chapel Hill, NC Dentistry

Karen Perry said...

How cute! You should consider wearing those costumes when going for dental checkups, to lessen the dreadful feeling. Anyway, I hope his first and following visits went well and without any predicaments. Take care!

Karen Perry @ Brookside Dental Care