Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Auntie Kiki's visit!

Kristen recently came for a lovely visit, all the way from Paris, France!!  We have been friends for 15 years!  I love her to bits and we laughed as we remembered the day we met: we were both 17 years old and bright eyed and bushy tailed as we boarded that bus from Sydney to Canberra, where we embarked our careers as midshipmen in the Royal Australian Navy.  Well, Kristen left after her first year at the academy and I switched from the Navy to the Air Force, where I served until I married Zev and we moved to America!  Kristen and I share so much: we both became lawyers and studied at the same law school and she became an attorney for Doctors without Borders, while I practiced public defense law in Louisiana!  We also traveled to South America together (can't believe our mums let us!!).  She showed me the beauty of Paris, while I showed her the sights of Germany.  So I guess public interest law and travel bonded us :-))

I love her friendship and the fact that she made the effort to come out to see me.  She always brings unique children's toys from Europe for Zachary, which he loves! Zachary loves his auntie Kiki :-)) 

Kiki, thank you for coming to visit.  We love you and loved our time with you!  Love to Nicolas :-))

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