Sunday, August 04, 2013


So I put a prayer request on Facebook this week and have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from family and friends and even friends that I haven't even met (yet!) I have even recently started receiving encouraging cards from people in North Carolina!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have never met you but I do appreciate your prayers I much! I believe that God hears everyone's prayers and I feel so BLESSED BEYOND BELIEF to have such awesome support, both at home (Zev, Zachary and Meme) and around the world. Thank you to all of you who have prayed for me or sent me an encouraging note. You have no idea how much you have blessed not only me but Zev and Zachary. This week has been great. I feel good; still have good days and bad days and attribute the positive outlook I have (for the most part!) to The Lord.

So here are some pictures from our week. Enjoy :-)

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sam said...

Fiona, The pics from FL are great. Looks like a great time and glad you got to spend time with Hans and Gena. Meme looks like a good cook - you know I collect recipes. Remember the Oxtail Soup, I never tried it again. :-))
You and all the family are always in our prayers. Hugs to all!