Thursday, August 01, 2013

Living Museum

Today we met Megan and her son, Brady, at the Living Museum, where we saw and heard various American wildlife such as some wolves and foxes and some American bald eagles, as well as a large sea turtle up close. Zachary and Brady shared some snacks and were so cute to watch. When we got home, Meme read some Australian children's stories to Zachary. Thanks Howard and the aunties for these books! 

I am on my 11th cycle of chemo and it is honestly wearing me out. I have to admit that when I started chemo back in October of 2012 I thought "oh I haven't lost my hair or had nausea. I'm young and fit, I'll manage this fine." My oncologists warned me that chemotherapy was cumulative, meaning the longer I am on it, the more it builds up in my system and the more risk I have of a lowered immune system as well as other side effects. I once thought my "week 3's" were hard (I take Temodar for three weeks in then have a week break in between each cycle) but now, every week is hard. I feel utterly exhausted these days and some days I do honestly feel discouraged and unmotivated. I am however blessed beyond belief to have such an awesome family right by my side during these seemingly never ending days. My mum has helped me so much. She came at the perfect time to help me with Zachary and with all the important day to day things involved in maintaining the household. Zachary is such a joy every morning. It is lovely to see him smile brightly when I come into his room in the morning. Words cannot properly capture how much my darling husband has encouraged me, motivated me and patiently walked this rocky road with me. Thank you so much Zev, mum and Zachary. I love you all! 

We meet next with my neuro-oncologist on Monday August 19th. I will have an MRI that morning and then meet with Dr. Schiff later that morning. The last time we met with him, he advised that if my tumor remained stable at my next MRI, I could take a break from chemo. It's kind of a Catch 22 situation because if the tumor is shrinking, I will need to remain on chemo. I definitely would love to see the tumor shrink but I would also like to take a break from chemo. Thankfully, our Lord has this all in his perfect plan. I don't always understand his plan but I trust that is is good. I do thank you for your prayers and encouragement. As my darling Zev likes to say "one day at a time, baby. One day at a time." God bless xo


Gena said...

Sweet FiFi, You are always in my prayers and in my thoughts. My St. Jude candle (He has connections:>) will be burning for you during your MRI/visit so that he can make a special request to Our Lord for positive results. Like Zev says, "One day at a time," and when you feel you have little strength left God will carry you through. Besos xoxo

susan said...

Prayer and love coming from the Raleigh just continue to inspire me! And Zachary is just so beautiful no wonder so many are in love with him. I know Judy is smitten with him!
Kim Baker's mom Susan

Mum2twopreciousgifts said...

Love, light, thoughts and prayers for God's guidance for your medical team will be coming your way from us here in Ashgrove! Michelle xx