Thursday, May 02, 2013

Little Lord Flaunteroy and a lucky day at MOPS!

Today is such a beautiful day (notice that I say this whenever I'm not on chemo?!!) It is seriously pretty and SUNNY outside. I do believe that sun is GOOD for the SOUL!!

So in celebration of the gorgeous day and the last day of MOPS (Mothers of preschoolers) at our church, I dressed Zachary in a special "southern" outfit complete with his little white socks and sandals while they still fit and while he didn't complain. Didn't he look ADORABLE?!!! My mother in law sent back a text with "Little Lord Flaunteroy"! I love it.

So at MOPS today, we had our annual big prize giveaway and I was so excited to win the beautiful bag that my sweet friend Kathryn MADE BY HERSELF! It has a yellow zipper in it. Gorgeous. We also each got given a bag with "favorite things" from the MOPS steering committee members, including a personalized trivet! Love!

Zachary is sound asleep (thank you, God!) and this afternoon he will begin his summer swim lessons at the Y with Brady.

As much as I hate cancer (and I don't hate many things and certainly not people but I do hate cancer), the past crummy week has made me appreciate good days. Like today! So have a nice day and appreciate the little things in life. Seriously :-)

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