Thursday, May 02, 2013

First steps and a refreshing walk in the sun!

Guess who took his first steps today?! Zachary did! Without even realizing it too. We were waiting for daddy to come home this afternoon and I had just finished watering the plants when Zachary wanted to do what mummy was doing and started playing with the watering can and then when I asked him to hand it to me, he took exactly four steps!! Yay Zachary! Of course when daddy came home he didn't walk anymore. What a lovely day though!

We did go for a walk when we got home from the Y. Turns out our neighborhood has a lot of green walkways so Zachary and I had fun exploring. It was so lovely and sunny out and I got to catch up with sweet Gena, who is going to run the Baltimore Half Marathon with me in October. Zachary and I even blew some bubbles as we waited for daddy to come home. I love motherhood :-)

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