Monday, April 29, 2013

Our little gymnast

Zachary started tumbling classes at the Y today. He and Brady were the youngest ones in the class. It was fun just to watch the boys explore and try new things. It's funny for Megan and I to watch the boys parallel play side by side but not really interact with each other.
This week is my "off" week from chemo. Last night I took my last Temodar pill for a week.  This last 3 week cycle was hard. Thankfully, they are not all like that. I have so many things to be thankful for: thankful that the chemo I take is in tablet form and that I can take it at home; that the tumor is shrinking (praise you, Jesus!); that Zachary is too young to remember his mummy being sick; for awesome family and friends who pray for and encourage me; and last but not least, for an incredible and patient husband who loves me and told me "I would do this if it meant 20 more years with my wife" when I discussed how tired and rotten I felt this week and questioned (again!) whether "this" was all worth it. I am planning to resume normal activities again this week (slowly, to appease Zev but also to look after my body :-)) Next MRI is June 4th. I am always praying for God to be glorified and thanking Him for my healing.
In His perfect time. Please enjoy these pics from the last few days. Zev took me out to see Anthony Bourdain live this past week, for our ninth anniversary. It was interesting!
Have a great week!

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