Friday, April 19, 2013

Lou Lou and Logan

My dear friend, Louise, who was my next door neighbor during our third year at ADFA (Australian Defence Force Academy) came to visit with her beautiful 1 year old son, Logan. Lou Lou's husband, Grant, is stationed on exchange with the Canadian Air Force in Toronto. They have traveled a lot and now that their year is almost up, they came to DC to sightsee and visit the local area. Zachary and I loved visiting with Lou Lou and Logan (who had an ear infection, poor thing!) and we hope to see them soon!! Lou Lou made a replica of Zachary's aviator beanie (Grant is a fighter pilot) and I think she did a pretty awesome job. It was hard not to laugh at the two boys crying though. At one point they were looking at each other and crying (and Lou Lou and I were looking at each other and smiling!) I love this age!

Love you Lou Lou. Thanks for reminiscing about old college days and for being such a beautiful friend :-)

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Sam said...

Zev and Fi, You all look great. I miss seeing your smile once in a while. Think of you all often. Have a wonderful week. :-)))