Monday, April 15, 2013

12 months!!

Our precious little man is officially 12 months old (as of April 9th!). I took him in to base for his well baby visit. He is happy and healthy and well "on the charts". His height was 31.25 inches (89%), his weight was 23.6 pounds (62%) and his head circumference was 48.6 cm (95%). So he continues to be long and skinny like daddy and have a large round head like mama. At least he's got mama's dance moves :-) Penny and Audrey came over to visit on Wednesday and Audrey fed Zachary his first cows milk! He took to it just fine :-)

Here is the latest on what our little man is up to:

- he's "cruising" along furniture and can stand up well by himself. He walks when I hold his hands and walk backwards;
- he can say and identify dadda, daddy, mama, mum, baba, dog, boo, moo (when I point to a cow) and can wave and say "bye bye" as well as "hi!"
- still wearing size 3 diapers (long and skinny :-))
- wearing 18 month clothes. I've kept some of his memorable clothes, but it has been so lovely to bless others with his clothes and toys: 3 families so far!
- loves his bath time and bath toys and sticking his letters and numbers on the bath tub walls
- LOVES opening and closing drawers and boxes. Loves boxes, especially ones he can climb into and loves "his" Tupperware cabinet
- loves cars and things with wheels. Has little interest in soft toys or teddy bears (except Mr. Kaloo and his sleep sheep that he goes to sleep with every night). Nature vs nurture. Ever since he was much smaller, he had no interest in soft toys
- has quite an eclectic taste palate (tabbouleh, mum's empanadas etc. He even likes to have some of daddy's smoothie in the mornings!)
- loves simple wooden puzzles and blocks
- still doesn't like his nose area being wiped
- as of two nights before he turned 1, started sleeping through the night from 730pm till about 6.30am!!! Woohoo! Hence mummy has a lot more energy these days :-) We had to listen to him cry for a few minutes (7 to be exact) on the first night but then he settled himself well
- loves to share his food and bottle with others. It's pretty cute when I'm rocking him with a bottle and he sticks it right into my mouth and giggles
- eats three meals a day. Usually yoghurt and some baby crackers in the morning, a squeegee pouch of baby food at midday and then table food at dinner. About 3 to 4 bottles per day. Loved cows milk right from the get go and loves dad's "fizzy" water (Sprudel). I try not to give him any sweets including juice
- is STILL and will ALWAYS BE the love of our lives. What a JOY you are to us, Zachary and what light and laughter you thing to our lives.

We thank The Lord for you :-)

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