Monday, April 01, 2013

Die Deutschen

Our sweet German friends Philipp and Laura have gone back to Germany. We had such a wonderful time with them and miss them already!! We went on base and saw the jets come in to land and also did some hiking at a beautiful local trail. Zachary was so well behaved!

Our baby is going to turn one soon! Our big boy is about to become a toddler! Oh Zachary, how much we love you! This past weekend, we also celebrated Easter! What a week it's been. What a year actually!! I remember distinctly last year when I was heavily pregnant with little man and we were eagerly awaiting the birth of our beautiful boy. I remember going to Easter service and imagining what our little boy who was due on my birthday, would look like! I remember Zev making a playlist on my iPod for the Labor and Delivery room and including the special song that we chose for Zachary. John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy." Every time I hear it, I remember Zachary's birth. I feel so blessed to have experienced a great pregnancy and great birthing experience with him. I love that boy so much!! Zachary, remember that ok!! I would have never written my life story the way it's panned out this past year, but I can say that I feel happy and content with my life and love my two Z men so much. What more could I ask for in life (well besides the brain cancer to be cured but we're working on that, aren't we God?)

We spent a happy Easter together. We had a lovely service a church and then enjoyed lunch with Jill and Cory and our special friends (who are like family) here. We feel eased to be here, we really do. We hope that you enjoyed a lovely Easter too. Christ is risen and LIVES!! How awesome is it that our God is a LIVING God?!!

The grandparents, Dave and Judy are in town this week. Zachary LOVES all the special attention!!

Have a great week. I feel so happy to be alive today and every single minute of each day! Love you :-))

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh...It's SUCH a small world! I see my friend Ginny in your pictures. She's such a dear one, isn't she! She grew up where in our home town. Give her my best wishes - and best wishes to you!

Pam Lowery