Friday, April 05, 2013

Grandparents are fun!!!

This has been a whirlwind week! It is "birthday week" at our house. I truly feel so blessed to be celebrating another birthday. I mean this sincerely: getting old is a PRIVILEGE! Truly it is.

Dave and Judy have been in town since last Sunday (Easter Sunday) and we have been non stop! They have been an incredible help with renovating Zev's "man cave" and also watching Zachary. They have been amazed at Zachary's growth! He is babbling away and cruising along on furniture, almost walking. What a delight for his grandparents! Funny moment: Dave and Judy arrived with a "Happy Easter" helium balloon. Zachary LOVED that balloon! So funny to watch him get so excited over it :-))

Judy and I worked out at the Y a few times this week. We had great weather at the beginning of this week, so we took Zachary to the local park. As you can see, Zachary has discovered the Tupperware cabinet and loves it! The simple things in life :-)

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Cassy Quick said...

Happy Birthday! You're Beautiful!