Sunday, March 24, 2013

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!!!

What a wonderful week it has been!! Zev and I are still smiling (and a bit in disbelief!) from the awesome, encouraging news we received regarding the shrinkage of my brain tumor last Monday. We still have a long way to go as the tumor remaining is still large, but I do appreciate your prayers for me to glorify The Lord and for that tumor to continue shrinking! Praise God that the chemo is working! THANK you to all who have prayed and supported us through this crazy journey! This week, a sweet friend, Sue, sent us a some Brain Cancer Awareness t-shirts and a onesie for Zachary! Thank you Sue!!

Out sweet friends from Germany, Philipp and his wonderful girlfriend, Laura arrived on Wednesday! I met them when I was studying my Masters of Laws at the University of Tuebingen. We hit it off immediately and this trip to America was the first time that Philipp has been and the second time for Laura (she worked here as an Au Pair when she was 19.) Philipp completed his Staatsexam (Bar exam) in December and Laura completed hers just a few days before flying to the US! We had fun showing them historic Williamsburg and Virginia Beach as well as taking then to eat some traditional southern BBQ :-)) We also took them to the amazing Easter Praise presentation at our church on Friday night. We were impressed by the talent!

This weekend we spent with our former neighbors, Bill and Debbie at their gorgeous condo in Duck, which is located on the North Carolina Outer Banks. Although the weather was a little chilly, it was sunny and that made it so lovely! What a great part of the world that is! Zachary was an angel baby as always (although he did have to sleep in between Zev and I!!) and said "dog" quite a few times when he saw a dog from the balcony!! He is getting so big!! I felt so relaxed in the Outer Banks. Zev says that I am solar and water powered because I love the beach :-)

It is snowing outside now! We've had such a beautiful week. I am trying to appreciate each day and to thank The Lord for the blessings each day brings: perhaps it is the human, fallible side of me that thinks in the back of my mind that "something bad will happen" in the future. Isn't that crazy?! Thankfully, I remember each time that such thoughts come into my brain that NO MATTER WHAT, God will be there to guide me and protect me and my beautiful family. Thank You, God!

Have a beautiful Easter week!


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