Monday, April 15, 2013

Wedding anniversary dinner and Zachary at his finest :-)

Zev and I snuck away to a local German restaurant for our anniversary dinner on Friday! Nine years!! Ginny kindly kept Zachary for the night (thanks Ginny!) We also went to a movie (last time we did that was when I was pregnant!!) and watched Oz the Great and Powerful. It was a fun night out although I missed hugging Zachary at night and even woke up early because I thought I heard him crying! It was so awesome to see him again in Saturday morning :-)

Zachary is growing in leaps and bounds. My prayer is that he continues to develop and that he comes to know and love The Lord as soon as possible:-)

I also had lunch with a dear friend, Brie who I affectionately call my "Glioma sister". It is through the unfortunate common circumstance of brain cancer that we have met, but the similarities are uncanny. We are both around the same age (she is a year or two younger); both married to Air Force logistics guys; both operated on at Johns Hopkins and both shared the same neuro-oncologist at JHU. She just finished up her radiation and looks beautiful. We were introduced by a fellow Air Force wife who is also a Christian and both believe that God has a greater plan for us and has us in the palm of His perfect hand. What an encouragement she is to me, indeed my whole family :-)

Zachary and I visited daddy at work this week when Zachary went in for his 12 month well baby visit (I will post stats later). He loves his daddy :-))

I pray that YOU have an awesome start to your week! Treasure each day as if it is yor last :-))


Cassy Quick said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more! :)

Sam said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. DITTO ON "Here's to many more!" You all look great. Enjoy each other.