Friday, March 01, 2013

Our little big boy!

Zachary has developed and grown so much this past month!! I will write more towards his 11 month birthday post (March 9th), but in a nutshell, he has begun crawling, cruising on furniture, climbing up the stairs, clapping his hands on cue, babbling words like "mama", "dada" and "baba" and has turned into a real little toddler. Which includes the tantrums :-(( Not so good. I am currently attempting to sleep train him. It's more stressful than I thought. Note: I know I should have done this earlier, during months 6 or 7 or even earlier. I guess a lot has gone on this past year. Still, poor little man is still used to getting up at 1am and 530am for a bottle. I gave him a bottle of water for him 1am feed. He cottoned on to that pretty quick smart like. A little crying but he has self soothed himself back to sleep. After 35 mins of crying. Hopefully tomorrow night will go better :-)

I think hanging around Mario and Gabby's kids as well as Danny and Tracy's kids really spurred his development this month. I'll leave your other some pictures on our little man at Cronulla beach earlier this week :-) The last picture cracks me up: I said "smile Zachary!" and he was semi blinded by the flash on my camera. Bless his little cotton socks :-)

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Gena said...

OMG, I wanta just squeeze those little cheeks like an old aunt!!! Yep, the tantrum times are not the greatest but it comes with the territory. If you need Zachary to sleep through the night you might want to try what I did with my two children. Before he goes to bed give him a nice helping of barley cereal. It's a stomach settler and will make him sleep like a baby through the night :>)) Worth a try. Besos xoxoxo