Friday, March 01, 2013

Weekend in Canberra

Last weekend we went to Canberra and stayed with our dear friends, Danny and Tracy and their adorable THREE kids! Danny and Zev used to work together in Glenbrook. We went to each others' weddings and it was so cool to see our FOUR babies (only one from us!) play together. Grace and Eli even put on a fairy show for us and Zachary participated, which was adorable. Of course Danny cooked up a storm, including lamb, chocolate pavlova and port. We also caught up for lunch with some dear friends, most of whom are still in the military and based in Canberra. It was very awesome for Jo and Katherine to FLY in for lunch, from other states!

Thank you all for your awesome hospitality and love. We look forward to returning the favor some time when you come to the US!

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