Friday, March 01, 2013

Chemo on vacation is not fun :-(

Taking chemotherapy is not fun. Taking chemo while on vacation in Australia is even less fun. The "good" news is that I take Temodar in a tablet form; that I have had a good physical response to this medication (no nausea or other nasty side effects); and that aside from the fatigue (and anxious, sad mood) that sets in around week 2 of taking this drug, I'm managing it ok. I know so many people have worse things to complain about, but it's been psychologically hard to enjoy the sun and my family and the sights of Sydney, while being reminded every day that I have to take chemo plus my other "maintenance" drugs. The weekly blood work that gets faxed to my oncologist back home doesn't help either :-( My neuro-oncologist said that he would like to see me complete an 18 month course of chemo. Each course consists of 3 weeks "on"; 1 week "off". I am currently tapering off my week 3 of taking chemo, meaning that last week I felt exhausted and emotional and as I taper off this round, I start to feel more energetic and hopeful again. I started taking Temodar on October 22, 2012, so I have over 14 month to go. It seems like such a long way away. But as Zev gently reminds me, it is a small price to pay in order to be around longer and to enjoy precious things like watching our son grow up or enjoying time with family and friends.

If you are the praying type, please pray for my endurance and encouragement. I asked Zev last week "is this all worth it?" Of course he responded with a resounding "yes!" Thank you Zev and thank all of you who have encouraged me and prayed for me recently. I pray that God blesses you today :-)


gena said...

Hey FiFi, I'm so sorry that your chemo time is a real downer with being so tired and emotional swings. I will tell you that in all of your pictures from your trip (LOVED following you, Zev and Zachary's adventures) you look fabulous. You are a great at disguising your mood or lack of energy because yuo would never know it in the photos. Hey, if you are going to be feeling bad anyway,(wish you weren't) I think it would be better to feel like that with the ones you love and you showed that in your photos.
Can't wait to talk with you about your trip. Love and miss you very much. xoxox

Carrie and Andrew Rogers said...

Sending up Love and Prayers for you from the Rogers' Family from NC.

Anonymous said...

Praying in Boston. XO

Cassy Quick said...

Praying from Kansas! :)