Thursday, March 07, 2013

Last day in Sydney!

Tomorrow Zachary and I fly home! This has been a lovely visit and it had been awesome to enjoy the weather and catch up with family and friends. Once again, THANK YOU to all of you who hosted us or made the effort to come and meet us or lunch or to catch up! We love you and are so thankful for you and pray for YOUR blessings in life!

So today was the last day for Zachary and I to do touristy stuff in Sydney. We had another warm day in Sydney; 82 degrees Fahrenheit/ 28 degrees Celsius. Zachary is doing much better health wise, thank The Lord! He slept through the whole night and is still drinking fluids, but at least the gastro part of things is over!

We took Zachary to the GP this afternoon and she said that he definitely had bronchiolotis (not bronchitis!! Haha) but that we did good in not giving him any more antibiotics per the ER doctor's recommendation (they were contributing to the gastro). She also said that although he had a slightly elevated temperature, he had clear ears and was clear to fly tomorrow! Praise The Lord! She said he would probably continue to cough and have that raspy sound when he breathes (she had me listen to his breath in her stethoscope) for 2 to 3 weeks. She advised me to take the antibiotics with me in case he develops a sudden fever mid travel.

So today, mum, Zachary and I headed into Parramatta for me to get my blood work done (they recognize me "oh Fiona how are you today? When do you head back to the States?") We then met up with auntie Gladys and auntie Fabi and had Chinese together. Authentic Chinese food too, where Chinese people go to eat and they have roasted pork hanging in the window as well as live crabs and lobsters in the tanks. Zachary liked to look at them :-) Those gals make me laugh so hard!

I did a spot of shopping (end of summer sales!!) and then we headed to the awesome cafe owned by my cousin Cliff and his bride, Jessie. It's called the "Handmade Cafe" and is located on George Street in Parramatta, right next to the law courts. I had a really nice green tea with honey there and the aunties drank affogato coffees. It was so cool to see Cliff and Jessie in action! If you are in the Sydney area, be sure to check out their cafe and tell them Fiona said hi! They also serve awesome lunches :-)

Zachary and I are looking forward to seeing daddy again. Not sure how I feel about the flight: a bit apprehensive to be honest! Please pray that all goes well!

Love you!

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Lindsey said...

1. you look adorable!
2. Zachary looks adorable!
3. praying for your flight!